The Importance of the Correct Home Skin Care Regimen

The Importance of the Correct Home Skin Care Regimen

The right home skin care routine can make a major difference in your skin health. Investing early in your skin's health with regular skin care will not only better protect it from the harsh effects of the environment and aging, but will also keep you looking and feeling your best.

Knowing your skin and having the right skin care routine is key to keeping your skin healthy. Board-certified aesthetic medicine physician and antiaging medicine specialist Dr. Dana Brownell leads the team at Westport MediSpa. Here we offer the latest and most innovative treatments to keep you looking and feeling great. 

From chemical peels, to customized facials, our team can help you maintain beautiful, glowing skin. Dr. Brownell offers medical grade skin care products to keep your skin looking its best.

What to have as part of your home skin care routine

What products do you need to keep your skin healthy and clean? The following should form the foundation of a good skin care regimen

Facial cleanser

It’s important to use a cleanser designed for your face. Trust a skin expert like Dr. Brownell to determine your skin type, discuss your skin issues and goals, and recommend the right cleanser for you.

If you have dry skin, for example, Dr. Brownell may recommend a cleanser that is free of alcohol and fragrance. If you have oily skin, she may recommend an oil-free option.


Toner calms, softens, and smooths the skin. Toners frequently contain ingredients that replenish and restore nutrients to your skin, as well as ingredients that can reduce redness and dry patches.


Keeping your skin hydrated is vital, and you should use moisturizer daily. The type of moisturizer depends on your skin type. For example, a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer is best for oily skin. Moisturizers keep your skin from drying out. They are most effective when applied to slightly damp skin to seal in moisture.


Some moisturizers contain SPF, but it doesn't hurt to use sunscreen as well, especially if your moisturizer has an SPF of less than 30. Wearing sunscreen protects your skin from the damage of UVA and UVB rays.

Apply sunscreen every day, even if the weather is gray. Make sure your sunscreen offers UVA and UVB protection.


Exfoliation can be used after cleansing but before applying moisturizer because it aids in the removal of flaky skin by increasing skin cell turnover. Although the benefits of removing dead skin and buildup for smoother skin and clearer pores are real, most dermatologists will recommend chemical exfoliants over scrubs to protect your skin's protective barrier.


Serums contain ingredients like antioxidants or retinol that help skin health in a variety of ways, including calming redness and improving texture and firmness.

With the right skin care products and regimen, you can maintain glowing, youthful skin. Taking care of your skin is important for more than cosmetic reasons. Your skin, as the largest organ in your body, is crucial to your overall health. If you take good care of it, it will take good care of you.

Dr. Brownell can help you discover and maintain the best skin of your life. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Brownell at our Westport, Connecticut, office, call 203-227-5437 to schedule your visit today. 

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