Suffering with Mood Swings? Try Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Suffering with Mood Swings? Try Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Sex hormones decline naturally with age, but sometimes the change can occur earlier than usual and can cause significant symptoms that impact the way you feel and function. If your hormones aren’t optimized, you may feel tired, moody, and have trouble sleeping. You don’t have to simply deal with these symptoms, bioidentical hormone optimization can normalize your hormones and help you feel like yourself again. 

At Westport MediSpa, Dana Brownell, MD, is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Dr. Brownell understands the toll sagging hormones can take on your overall well-being. Keep reading to learn how bioidentical hormone optimization can help you reclaim your vitality.

How hormone imbalance affects daily life

Many women experience uncomfortable and often distressing symptoms for up to 10 years before they officially reach menopause. Low mood and mood swings are incredibly common symptoms of hormone imbalance. Sex hormones have a major impact on how you feel from day-to-day. If you have hormone imbalance, you may also experience the following symptoms

Bioidentical hormone optimization is an effective option for treating symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. 

What is bioidentical hormone optimization?

Not to be confused with the term “natural,” which is commonly used to describe hormones derived from plants or animals, bioidentical means the hormones are exactly identical to the ones your body naturally produces. 

Dr. Brownell measures your hormones to get a clear picture of your current sex hormone profile before creating an individualized treatment regimen. Bioidentical hormone replacement restores hormone balance and alleviates related symptoms. 

Hormone optimization with BioTE®®

Dr. Brownell uses BioTenfornbioidentical hormone therapy. Because BioTE is identical to your own hormones, your body uses BioTE the same as it does its own hormones. Treatment with BioTE is completely customized so that you receive the right amount of hormones to restore your levels and feel well. This individualized treatment approach helps to avoid having too much or too little hormone. 

There’s no guesswork involved. Dr. Brownell uses your lab results to determine the right starting dose. Regular checks allow your provider to make adjustments so that you remain within an optimal range. After your initial dose, you can expect Dr. Brownell to repeat your labs and reassess your symptoms after 4-6 weeks. 

BioTE hormones are custom-compounded for you and delivered in the form of an injection under the skin. The tiny pellet is about the size of a grain of rice. Women can expect to receive a new pellet every 3-5 months. Men generally receive a new pellet every 5-6 months. 

Health risks of hormone imbalance 

Lack of hormones is more than daily annoyance, it can have a negative impact on your health. Sex hormones help to keep you bones strong, protecting against osteoporosis. Low hormones can lead to reduced bone density and increase the risk of weak bones. 

Sex hormones also play a role in managing cholesterol, and keeping cholesterol in check is key for reducing the risk of heart disease. In this way, sex hormones protect your heart. 

Relief from hormone imbalance

Many people who have hormone imbalance are completely unaware of it. Dr. Brownell can carefully evaluate your hormones to determine ideal levels based on factors such as your age. The goal is to restore your hormones to optimal levels. 

If you’ve been feeling foggy, moody, and unlike yourself, you may have hormone imbalance. To learn more and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brownell, reach out to us by calling 203-227-5437 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable team members. The path to wellness starts here. 

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