Microneedling: Your Answer to Large Pores

Microneedling: Your Answer to Large Pores

Skin that is flawless is highly sought after. This is why we invest in skin creams, lotions, exfoliators, and laser procedures to achieve it. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to achieve the smooth, textured skin that we desire due to the presence of excessively large pores. 

While large pores are frequently associated with genetics and skin type, they can also be the result of aging. As you get older, your skin loses elasticity and your body produces less collagen, which can cause larger pores to appear. 

Furthermore, enlarged pores allow dirt and other debris to enter, causing additional skin imperfections. While there are numerous treatments available to address pore size, microneedling stands out as a successful way to shrink pores, improve skin texture, and discoloration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

At Westport MediSpa, board-certified physician Dana Brownell, MD, offers a range of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to help beautify the skin and body. Microneedling is an excellent treatment for minimizing pore size. Let’s discuss how this treatment can help you achieve smoother, clearer, more radiant skin. 

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is quickly gaining popularity as a cosmetic treatment for removing small scars and acne, and restoring skin radiance. This treatment employs a cluster of 9-12 pressurized needles that rapidly puncture the skin in various places at various depths to induce the skin's self-healing mode.

This reaction promotes collagen production, and the procedure is known as collagen induction therapy (CIT). When the skin is punctured, micro tunnels form, allowing the skin to begin its regenerative process and heal mild to moderate skin issues. 

Blemishes, enlarged pores, and mild acne scarring are examples. When collagen starts to build and increase in the treatment area, it smooths and tightens the skin, making the pores appear smaller.

Microneedling procedure

Microneedling involves puncturing the skin with needles that move at high speeds and penetrate the epidermal layer to a certain depth. 

The first step toward a successful procedure implementation applying a topical numbing cream to the area to be treated. After the skin is numb, treatment begins. 

Treatment of open pores on the face, such as those on the sides of the nose, is more effective when each pore is needled separately. The needle settings are changed depending on the intensity of treatment required. 

What to expect after microneedling

After microneedling treatment, the surface layer of skin will naturally peel off over the course of a few days, exposing the new softer and firmer layer that will emerge. Changes are visible almost immediately and continue to occur for several weeks. The effects of microneedling can be seen up to six months after treatment, as collagen production continues.

The total number of treatments required to achieve results varies from patient to patient. Some patients see improvements in their problem areas after just one treatment, while others require multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. 

During your initial consultation, Dr. Brownell will analyze your skin, discuss your problem areas, and assist you in creating a customized treatment plan that will help you achieve the skin improvements you desire.

Microneedling is suitable for patients with all skin types seeking firmer, brighter, and more even skin tone and texture on the face, neck, and chest. To learn more and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brownell, call our Westport office at 203-227-5437 where a knowledgeable team member can assist you. 

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