I'm Embarrassed About My Thinning Hair

 I'm Embarrassed About My Thinning Hair

For millions of men and women, hair loss can be devastating. Before now, hair restoration techniques were labor intensive. Thanks to new technology, that has changed!

Board-certified physician Dana Brownell, MD, and the rest of the Westport MediSpa team is proud to offer men and women in and near Westport, Connecticut, an exciting advancement for hair loss. Neograft® hair restoration is the first and only FDA-approved technology for harvesting and implanting follicular units. The NeoGraft system automates the follicular unit extraction (FUE) process, the most advanced in the hair transplant market. 

NeoGraft allows more men and women to benefit from no-scalpel/no-stitch FUE hair transplants. Read on to learn more about this exciting breakthrough in hair restoration. 

How is Neograft hair restoration different?

The NeoGraft system is a semi-automatic hair transplant procedure for harvesting individual donor hairs for FUE hair transplant surgery. The NeoGraft system is distinct from FUE and FUT in that the NeoGraft equipment supports the provider in harvesting hair follicles from donor areas and reimplanting them into recipient sites. 

This minimally invasive surgery can provide you with thicker, fuller hair at the crown or along your hairline without leaving a horizontal scar like the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) approach, which takes a strip of hair from the back of the scalp.

How is NeoGraft hair restoration performed?

We carry out the procedure by removing hair from the back of your head and restoring it in regions where there is hair loss. Neograft devices use sophisticated technology to painlessly remove hair follicles and implant them in balding areas. 

The treatment is faster than traditional hair restoration methods, boosting the success of the hair-grafting procedure and providing patients with more robust, natural-looking results. Most patients notice fresh hair growth three to four months after shedding.

Who is a candidate for NeoGraft hair restoration?

The Westport MediSpa team will gladly consult with you to determine the best way to help you restore your hair. Men and women with hair loss and enough hair growth on the back of their head to donate to the treatment are good candidates for this hair restoration process. 

We will evaluate your present hair loss status as well as other factors to determine whether a Neograft hair transplant is the best solution for you.

What results can I expect?

Neograft hair transplant techniques result in a shorter recovery time than other therapy choices. Within a few months of shedding, new growth will begin, which is natural and necessary for the hair development process. After that, your new hair will grow regularly, looking healthy and natural. 

Although FUE procedures are incredibly effective and can restore your thick, full hairline, pattern hair loss may persist despite your transplanted hair. If you experience progressive hair loss as you age and want to fill in balding regions or boost density, further transplants may be required. 

With Neograft hair transplant technology, the Westport MediSpa team is ready to restore your hair. Our team has extensive experience treating men and women with pattern baldness and transplanting living hair follicles to offer natural-looking results. To learn more and to get started, call or book online today. Fuller hair awaits!

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