Body Sculpting Care and COVID-19: What You Should Know

With the evolving COVID-19 pandemic causing Americans to restructure their way of life, more people are finding themselves working from home and with more downtime. Stalled social calendars and gym avoidance due to social distancing concerns make this an optimal time to focus on self-improvement. If you’re considering body sculpting, you may wonder if this is the right time for you to move forward.

At Westport MediSpa in Westport, Connecticut, board-certified physician Dr. Dana Brownell specializes in aesthetic medicine, offering a comprehensive range of treatments, including body sculpting to help you look and feel your best. We’ve compiled some valuable information to help you stay informed if you’re considering taking advantage of the benefits of body sculpting during COVID-19. 

Staying informed during COVID-19

As Connecticut’s positive COVID-19 cases decline, more people are considering elective treatments such as body sculpting to eliminate unwanted pockets of fat and improve their body contour.

Here’s where we stand. At the time of this writing, positive COVID-19 cases in Connecticut have fallen below 5%. Elective procedures have resumed, social distancing guidelines, stay-home recommendations, and strict travel guidelines remain in place. Keep in mind that during this evolving pandemic, information and directives can change by the day.

It’s completely normal to have some concern about COVID-19 and how it affects you. Here are links to vital resources for our Fairfield County patients:

Regularly staying up-to-date with facts from official sources is key to protecting yourself from COVID-19 and making informed decisions during this global pandemic.

Aesthetic medicine and COVID-19

You may have some concern about the risks of COVID-19 exposure during this challenging time. Fortunately, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still very safe to schedule body sculpting and a full range of health care. The safety measures in place at our practice and health care facilities around the country mean that clients can get the treatment they want and feel confident doing so.

At Westport MediSpa, your health and safety is our number one priority. Here are some of the ways we keep you safe:

Doing your part to minimize COVID-19 risk

Social distancing, staying home when you aren’t feeling well, avoiding unnecessary travel, practicing good hand-washing hygiene, and sanitizing surfaces are the best ways to reduce your risk of COVID-19.

Symptoms to be aware of include:

Wearing a face mask reduces airborne droplets and helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Safe practices are the cornerstone to staying well so that you can get body sculpting and other services you in desire in a safe environment. For more information about body sculpting care and COVID-19, call the top-quality team at Westport MediSpa to book a consultation

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