7 Body Areas CoolSculpting® Can Slenderize

7 Body Areas CoolSculpting® Can Slenderize

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to get rid of stubborn fat in common problem areas like the arms and waist, and it’s impossible to spot reduce fat using nutrition and fitness. The good news is, there is a way to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. CoolSculpting® is a treatment that safely freezes and removes fat cells without surgery and with little to no downtime. 

If you’ve done all the right things with nutrition and exercise but still fall short of your body goals, Dana Brownell, MD, and the team at Westport MediSpa may have the solution. CoolSculpting is a noninvasive treatment that can be performed during your lunch hour. 

The CoolSculpting system targets unwanted fat cells using cold temperatures, leaving your skin unharmed. The body then naturally eliminates the treated fat cells to leave you with a slimmer, more sculpted figure.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting’s patented cooling technology targets and destroys fat cells without cutting or general anesthesia. Fat cells are more sensitive to cooling than skin cells. The damaged fat cells die and the body’s natural detoxification system springs into action removing the dead fat cells over the course of a few weeks. While results vary, CoolSculpting can dramatically improve areas with unwanted fat.

What is a CoolSculpting session like?

Your CoolSculpting session takes place in our office. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Dr. Brownell will glide the applicator over the targeted areas with unwanted fat. 

The applicator delivers controlled cooling as you relax. You may experience a mild pulling sensation but should not experience significant pain. CoolSculpting treatment is well-tolerated.

Each session takes 1-3 hours, and then we’ll have you on your way.

What body areas can CoolSculpting address?

Certain areas of the body are more prone to storing excess fat and can be challenging to get rid of even with a perfect diet and exercise regimen. CoolSculpting can address: 

#1 – Hips

Women are more likely than males to store fat in their hips. If you have a pear-shaped body, this means you tend to store excess fat in your lower body. If you have unwanted fat on the sides of the hips, CoolSculpting can treat it to give you a slimmer body contour. 

#2 – Back

In both men and women, the back is a frequent place for fat to accumulate. This fat is distributed evenly throughout the upper and lower body and may hang when you wear fitted clothing. Treating fat in this area improves your body shape. 

#3 – Sides

The obliques are diagonal-shaped muscles that run down the sides of the abdomen. These are used to twist and rotate the torso. The fat that accumulates over these muscles is referred to as love handles and tends to be a problem for men and women. CoolSculpting effectively treats love handles to give you a slimmer waist. 

#4 – Stomach

Everyone wants a chiseled stomach, but the abdomen is one of the most common areas affected by excess body fat. The difficulty with this fat is that it accumulates around the body's essential organs, which increases the risk for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides. CoolSculpting is an ideal option for eliminating stubborn abdominal fat.

#5 – Thighs

Excess fat on the outer and inner thigh is a common problem for women, and thigh workouts won’t help. Stubborn thigh fat can throw off your physical proportions, affecting how you feel and look in fitted clothing, pants, and bikinis. CoolSculpting can reduce unwanted fat in this area and improve the proportions of your lower body. 

#6 – Buttocks

If you’re after a firmer, more luscious-looking behind, CoolSculpting can help. With CoolSculpting you can get rid of unwanted buttocks fat to achieve the shape you desire.

#7 – Underarms

Underarm bulge can wear on your confidence. A variety of factors contribute to underarm fat, including genetics and hormones. CoolSculpting addresses underarm fat to give you slimmer, more appealing arms.

Refine your body contour with CoolSculpting

No longer will you have to agonize over what you wear or worry about hiding unwanted fat. With CoolSculpting you can have the confidence that everything you put on will make you feel great. It’s as easy as getting a pedicure! Discover more about CoolSculpting. Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Brownell by calling 203-227-5437 and love what you see in the mirror!

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